Wild Wild Night

2017-09-04 16:33:08 by Paranoidhumanoise

Originally i created this for a survival strategy game but the project fell through. So here it is! For all to enjoy.


Thanks to RVHCreations for letting me use one of his pieces of art in the portal. Check more of his awesome work here: https://www.facebook.com/RVHStudio/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel

Thanks again for listening!


Summer Donna

2017-07-20 14:44:02 by Paranoidhumanoise

Song for the summer!


Please Enjoy

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Latest song is up

2016-03-15 15:46:08 by Paranoidhumanoise

Hey everybody, i would like to first thank you for everybodys support and feedback. I appreciate it greatly. This is a new song i've worked on and am happy to share with you all. Listen and enjoy, and as always any feedback is greatly appreciated :)



It's a soft mood, ambient breakbeat electronica extraveganza. Take a listen and enjoy, any feedback is welcome.

Hey everybody, i would like to take this moment and present to you my new musical effort. Please take a listen and give some feedback. I appreciate your responses, thank you.

They Arrived Armed with Dental Drills